Jérôme Arnoux – Cellier de Tiercelines

From a very young age, Jérôme would spend every wednesday afternoon  at the winery of his neighbours in Jura, who predicted that Jérôme would one day become a caviste.

Self educated, he began working in the vineyard with Stéphane Tissot in Jura at the age of 17. Stéphane shared his passion of wine for a period of 10 years after which Jérôme left the Stéphane Tissot to refine his wine making skills at another winery situated in Montigny-les-Arsures. He was asked to join Cellier des Tiercelines a couple of years later by Stéphane Tissot and together with Benoit Mulin, they created and developed a company that buys grapes from surrounding winemakers, vinify and commercialize the wines.

The wines are a pure delight – simple, fresh and digestable.

Jérôme represents experience, passion and completely dedicates himself to the quality and respect of his resources.

He works with natural yeast only and very little sulphur in order to enable a maximum delight for the tastebuds.